Maxine Cowie
Director Starjump VSL Pty Ltd
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ABN: 98915219125

 Maxine Cowie  Dip Teach GDAE

Maxine established established a Starjump centre in Melbourne in the early 90's where she developed a process to assess and work with children with learning and behavioural challenges. She has spent the past 30 years focused on developing her understanding of the complexities of teaching children who have difficulties learning in the classroom environment. Recognising the need to understand the whole child in order to address the underlying conditions that impact on a child's development, she developed a comprehensive online assessment screening tool collaboratively with leading academics from around the world. The online assessment is unique with a very sophisticated data analysis tool that enables the accurate identification of the underlying conditions that affect a child's learning or development. Her background in living and working in rural and remote Australia, created the motivation to provide an affordable service to children everywhere, who need to have their challenges defined and solutions provided. She also specialized in teaching visual spatial learners, developing the computerized Unlocking Literacy Program for this group of students and has run professional development workshops for teachers all over Australia both privately and with Critical Agendas, a National PD provider for teachers.

She began her career in Aboriginal education in far North Queensland where in the early 80’s.  She was involved in the trialing of maths programs and specifically designed literacy programs for Aboriginal kids whilst she taught at Hopevale. She later explored community education in the Solomon Islands. 

On returning to Australia, she worked as an Education Officer with Special Duties for the Inspector of Schools throughout Cape York Peninsular and Torres Strait Islands in Cairns.  She was based at Education North which was a  centre where literacy programs were being researched and developed for use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island schools.  Whole language approaches were being developed with specific attention to English as a second language and cultural needs of Aboriginal kids. She left and became a special needs teacher where she discovered many urban aboriginal kids, and 10 to 15% of the non-indigenous kids had similar cognitive profiles and had very similar learning challenges in the classroom.

Maxine now provides an online service to assess and support students and their parents from all over Australia.