Strengths, conditions and disorders that negatively affects a child's social, emotional or psychological development or impairs their ability to learn with ease are screened for in the Starjump assessment. Screening broadly for underlying conditions that impact on how a child or adult is able to learn and interact with the world in a positive, productive way enables us to prioritize and target the key interventions that are required for an individual child or adult. Referral letters are provided for any specialist assessment that is required for a formal diagnosis together with recommendations, information and resources to support parents, the child or adult who has been identified as needing support in a given area.

The Starjump assessment screens for the following:

Developmental History Oppositional Behaviour
Emotional Wellbeing Dysgraphia - Written Expression
Visual Processing Dysgraphia - Handwriting
Auditory Processing Dyscalculia - Maths Disorder
Sensory Integration Dyslexia
Inattentive ADD, Hyper-Activity and Impuslivity Phonemic Awareness
Autism Spectrum Disorder Language
High Intellectual Potential Hearing Loss
Gifted Learning Disabled - Twice Exceptional Speech
Visual Spatial Learners Working Memory
Mental Health Verbal Memory
Exercise Gut Health
Sleep Personality
Parenting & Family Relationships  
Retained Neonatal Reflexes  

Remember early intervention prevents long term social, emotional or academic disadvantage and suffering. It is also never too late for adults to address the challenges they may continue to have with a learning difficulty.