What is involved?

The developmental assessment is broken into 3 parts:

1.  Parents complete an online questionnaire which takes approximately 45 minutes.
This questionnaire covers the following topics: Developmental History, Sensory Processes,  Social, Emotional, Ability, Personality, Cognitive processes, Memory, Learning and Behavioural components to enable us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the child. It is a very valuable process that parents go through in completing the parent questionnaire as the questions provide a focus for discussion, fostering deeper communication between parents.

2.  The Starjump consultant meets the parent and child either online or in person to conduct the 1.5 hour assessment.
Online assessments are conducted by Maxine Cowie in Australia. We have a unique online platform to interact with the child and parent making it easy to have children complete assessment tasks. Skype and a webcam is also used to interact with the child and to observe how the child approaches various tasks. Parents scan or photograph work completed and email the work completed to Starjump for analysis. We have found that children usually love to interact online, even those with serious attention deficits or behavioural challenges. Our aim is to really connect with and listen to each child so that they leave the assessment feeling validated and positive about meeting their challenges.

3. The Starjump consultant meets with the parent for a 1 hour feedback session either in person or online.
The Parent Report is given to the parent and explained in detail at the feedback session. Interventions or specific support that is needed is prioritized and a plan of action is developed in consultantion with the parents.

The following reports are also available when requested.
1. A comprehensive report for the classroom teacher.
2. A summary of Strategies that are specifically needed for the child in the classroom.

3. Referral letters to specialists outlining all of the concerning traits identified during the assessment.

If requested the consultant will make a follow up complimentary phone call to the parents after 6 weeks to provide any additional support they may need.

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